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We are a nationwide distributor of agricultural related products and services in Japan. Our operations are based in Miyazaki city, on the agricultural heartland of Japan, the island of Kyushu.

We cover the entire Japanese archipelago, from Hokkaido to the North, to the Southern Okinawa chain.

"The giant Japanese agricultural market is undergoing dramatic changes, opening up significant oppotunities for importation of US, Canadian and Euroean companies who wish to expand their exports", says Kirishima CEO, Kimihiko "Kimi" Nonaka. "The decades-old import restrictions are not only being relaxed, they are actively being torn down".

We are making a major effort to widen our sales operations by partnering with reputable US, Canadian and Euroean based suppliers who wish to expand their sales. As a part of our expansion strategy, we will be launching our web-based sales operations in 2007.

To ensure successful launch of the new product lines, and their continued growth in sales, our professional team is fully capable of obtaining any necessary governmental pemits, as well as complete translation and "localization" of sales, imformation, and customer care related materials.

Please contact us if you wish Kirishima Commerce to help expand your sales in the Japanese Market.

Contact Information

Kimihiko "Kimi" Nonaka, CEO
Kirishima Commerce, LLC

4-130-1, Kirishima, Miyazaki-City, 880-0032 Japan

+81-985-71-0670 +81-985-71-0792

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